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QP Group Alliances

QP Group Alliances

QP Group has partnered with other solution providers to support and supplement client needs in combination with our leading edge consulting processes. In addition to those listed below, we also have senior level relationships with some of the key procurement e-Solution providers and other global Procurement Training Organizations.


Optizas' value proposition is to help companies who have committed to outsourcing /insourcing/ offshoring initiatives achieve their strategic and financial objectives by providing your team with industry experts who have worked for many of the world's leading outsourcing companies. Optizas offers experienced IT, PMO, Change Management, HR and Procurement practitioners experienced in executing the extension of your company's key business processes.


PerTech Group is a business consulting and marketing technology firm with a track record of deploying Tangible Innovation. We integrate Strategy, Process Improvement, Technology and a Human Behavior/Learning focus to deliver substantial returns.

  • Management and marketing consulting services
  • e-Solutions and IT development and deployment
  • Strategy, organization, and sizing leadership
  • Training and Human Resources excellence

Procurement Academy


Create the highest quality and most inspiring Client Procurement Academies at lowest total costs for global companies with > 10,000 employees. In such an Academy, we train buyers in what is required for their role in the company. This Role Based Training is the most effective and structured approach to corporate training.

  • We offer a complete range of training solutions
  • Services: Procurement competence models, role based learning plans, program management
  • Over 130 high-impact E-learning course titles
  • 100 online simulations
  • Top 500 must read procurement articles, videos & templates with 3-5 star rating
  • 35 webinars off-the-shelf
  • 20 workshops
Unique in the market: all course material is truly aligned and consistent - same formats, characters, definitions.
Ace Consultoria

ACE Consultoría is a Strategic Procurement consulting firm, focused in the Latin American and Caribbean market. Besides training procurement personnel in an international strategic model, we also carry out Procurement processes diagnosis and design, based on 5 key approaches of the goods and services purchasing problematic of any company:

  • Strategic
  • Economic
  • Transactional
  • Technological
  • Ethics
All services delivered in English or Spanish.
Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Alliance partners and how we work together with them.
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