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Organization Assessment

Organization Assessment

Having the right organization in place for the future is fundamental to the success of not only a transformation program but for an effective and high performance procurement organization.

Working closely with our clients, recognizing the sensitivity and their unique circumstances and culture, our Organizational Assessment process is based on business needs and procurement strategy requirements. We ensure the client is fully involved and engaged in the design and assessment process, using a small team of experienced professionals in an open and transparent process.

The Organizational Assessment and Design phases consist of the following:

Understanding the companies procurement vision and strategy
Create a blue-print of the future organizational design required
Base line the current skills of the organization, producing a skills       profile for the various levels to feed into the organization blue-print
Produce a “gap analysis” between the current and required states
Develop a plan to create and populate the new organization       through recruitment, interims and development
Implementation of the plan

QP Group has worked with a number of clients across the world to help build world-class procurement capability in their organization. This has allowed them to not only increase savings they deliver but also have the right people in the right positions to work with their stakeholders as a business partner at a more strategic level.

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