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Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation

Transformation, integration and development of procurement are the fastest and most sustainable means of profit improvement available to a business.

More and more companies are transforming their procurement and supply functions to achieve breakthrough results and unlock the added value in the supply chain.

They recognize that procurement should be making more of a contribution to bottom line profits and delivering competitive advantage. As market and cost pressures grow, QP Group is helping companies to realize the power of procurement by delivering transformation in a way that goes beyond the traditional tactical and leverage approach to procurement and supply.

Global research has shown that companies that target procurement and supply for transformation and development reduce net costs by an average of 11% over three years.

Benefits of procurement transformation

Improve business profitability by up to 20%

Realize savings of 10% to 20% on controlled spend categories

Accelerate savings delivery and capture the full return from procurement technology

Realize the full potential of your procurement and supply organization

Reduce procurement headcount by up to 25%

Institutionalize world-class procurement techniques to create sustainable long-term value

How QP Group works

In QP Group we work with our clients through a journey to ensure delivery and sustainability of breakthrough performance which directly improves company profitability.

All of our consultants are conversant with QP Group’s methodology which has been developed and refined over the last 15+ years. The following diagram illustrates themes such as the importance of enabling technology and benefits tracking, the value of procurement and the need for continuous management of both suppliers and contracts:


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