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QP Group believes that developing people is a key part of developing a robust and sustainable procurement organization and has developed a comprehensive Blended Learning Model.

To facilitate effective delivery of our development curriculum across business boundaries and maintain the quality of the education and learning experience, we have created a Procurement Academy and a blended learning system. This encompasses both business and procurement competencies that produces a well rounded procurement professional.

We use the same processes and approaches for developing our consultant community. Every individual to be trained has their own personal development plan and road map that they own. The training is delivered through QP Group’s blended learning system is a mixture of on and off-line education as well as self-paced and instructor-led learning which allows the student to manage their personal development plan and road map. This learning approach offers a curriculum, web based tools and web casts which allow the sharing of learnings and best practices, as well as individual paced modules.

In 2014 we partnered with The Procurement Academy, an innovative training firm for global procurement departments who excel in applying technology and latest learning research to develop the highest quality e-learning in the market. They offer a large (and growing) suite of High-Impact E-Learning courses for operational, tactical and strategic buyers. We have designed, developed and delivered classroom training that is fully aligned with their courses and material.

Our education programs deliver sustainable improvement for hundreds client procurement and business management participants a year in our Procurement Workshops. QP Group is acknowledged as a global leader in 'Best in Class Procurement education'.

What our workshop attendees say

“The training is excellent. The exercises are great to practice the usage of tools.”
-   Australian workshop

“One of the best trainings I have ever attended. Trainers kept us motivated throughout the week.”
-   North Carolina workshop

“Excellent course, value-added. Positive experience. Much better prepared to move forward and implement new process.”
-   Houston workshop

“Excellent presenters - found their stories helpful and insightful”
-   NJ workshop

“Wish I 'd taken this course 5 years ago”
-   California workshop

“Excellent Training!”
-   Brazil workshop

“I believe this is a class that every procurement employee should take in the first 3 months on the job”
-   NJ workshop

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