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QP Group Education and Workshop Training Curriculum

Our blended learning system offers the following courses:

Creating Sourcing Strategies
Implementation & Managing Continuous Improvement
Strategic Relationship Management (SRM)
Negotiations Skills
Supply Market Research & Analysis

We have each of the following standard courses that are modularized in a way that allows us to tailor course content and length to satisfy individual client needs. The courses can vary in length from half day to one week depending on topic and audience.

QP Group can also work closely with you to customize your existing material or create new modules based on your specific needs.

Course Title: Creating Sourcing Strategies


Instructor Led Classrooms

Instructor Led Webcasts for specific course components


Introduces the Sourcing Management Process, tool kit, and templates while deciding on an applicable approach to strategic procurement.

What You Will Learn:

Prioritize opportunities

Manage projects and teams

Establish stakeholder management and interactions

Business Requirements Analysis

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Enabling advanced supplier solicitation techniques

Conducting supplier forums

Integrating supplier diversity

Enabling strategic analysis tools

Conducting cost analyses

Making objective decisions

Generating strategic options

Identifying risks and vulnerabilities

Designing breakthrough strategies

Course Title: Implementation & Managing Continuous Improvement


Instructor Led Classrooms

Instructor Led Webcasts for specific course components


This workshop provides tools and methodologies to enable both successful strategy implementation and set up for ongoing supplier management and continuous improvement.

What You Will Learn:

Planning implementations

Advanced RFP/Q techniques


Contracting techniques

Negotiation planning and supplier conditioning techniques

How to identify and manage ‘change’ implications

How to plan and manage successful surveys

How to plan supplier reviews

Execution of supplier and stakeholder performance

Learn how to segment suppliers that will be managed

Supplier management

Litigating risks and vulnerability

Course Title: Strategic Relationship Management (SRM)


Instructor Led classrooms

Instructor Led Webcasts for specific course components


The SRM process helps maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace by preserving the value breakthrough strategies. Additionally, new sources of value will be created through collaborative opportunities with strategic suppliers.

What You Will Learn:

Learn to optimize value delivery from supplier relationships

Explains how SRM fits into the Sourcing Management Process

Supplier segmentation for SRM

Establish governance models

Define role and responsibilities for successful SRM

Implementing the SRM process

Execution of the supplier collaboration process

Apply the SRM tool set to create an annual supplier plan

Using ERP Systems to:

         1. Create scorecards

         2. Create a survey

         3. Map survey to scorecard

         4. Distribute survey to relevant respondents

Course Title: Negotiations Skills


Instructor Led Classrooms

Instructor Led Webcast for specific course components


How to plan for successful negotiations and conducting face to face negotiation events towards maintaining effective buyer bargaining power.

What You Will Learn

How sourcing strategies influence negotiations

Understand negotiation process steps

Pre-negotiation planning

Pre-negotiation supplier conditioning

Pre-negotiation supplier forums

Pre-negotiation stakeholder management & communications

Conflict management styles and forming negotiation teams

Assigning roles and responsibilities for an effective negotiating         environment

Learning negotiation skills

Executing the steps of successful negotiations

Post negotiation follow-up

Course Title: Supply Market Research & Analysis


Instructor Led Classrooms

Instructor Led Webcasts for specific course components


How to develop incisive market analysis that lead to breakthrough sourcing strategies

What You Will Learn:

Sourcing management from an analyst’s perspective

Defined analyst role and how to effect change

How to plan research

Using the internet

Market research techniques

Understanding how research feeds strategic analysis tools

Performing research- tools/terminology/search techniques

Supply and value chain management

Intra company research

Purchase Price Cost Analysis

Information organization and storage

Storyboarding and information display

Transition action planning

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