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In QP Group we work with our clients to ensure delivery of sustainable breakthrough performance which directly improves company profitability. We do this in a way that goes beyond the traditional tactical and leverage approach to procurement and supply.

We do not apply a fixed methodology to all situations. Rather, we develop for each client - and with each client - the approach which delivers the most sustainable results.

Brief outlines of our solutions follow and please click on each for additional information.

Opportunity Analysis

An analysis to help understand where you are spending your money and what the savings opportunities are for each category. The final output is an overall prioritization of the opportunities and a roadmap of how to realize the potential benefits.

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Organizational Assessment

Working closely with our clients and based on their particular business needs, we help to identify and design the appropriate future organization needed for world-class procurement capability.

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Procurement Transformation

Transformation, integration and development of procurement are the fastest and most sustainable means of profit improvement available to a business.

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SRM goes beyond conventional procurement techniques to deliver the untapped value existing between you and your suppliers and drive fundamental change in these relationships providing improvement in value creation and business performance.

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Procurement Technology

e-Procurement and e-Sourcing provide technological solutions to help reduce costs, drive savings and promote adherence to contracts. QP Group and its alliance partners have years of experience working with these solutions and support our clients in strategy development, system selection and implementation.

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Savings Programs

Strategic sourcing and procurement organizations are being required to deliver more positive financial impact to the bottom line through savings and value creation…immediate, short and long-term programs. QP Group has over a decade of successfully developing and executing these programs resulting in over $6B in client savings.

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Interim Resources

When you need to tackle a major business initiative, fill a temporary gap in your organization or need Subject Matter Experts for a particular category, QP Group understands that experience matters most. Whether it's one project consultant or an entire sourcing team, our approaches can be customized to the unique challenges and opportunities that your business faces. QP Group can provide experienced resources and staff augmentation services for projects ranging from three months to more than a year at competitive rates.

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Training and Education

“Training is an Event, Education a Process, Learning a Journey”
QP Group Provides World-Class Education to Help Transform Your Procurement and Supply Organization to Deliver Sustainable Value.
At QP Group, we are passionate about developing people; this is at the heart of our values and a core competence of what we do as a global organization.
Hundreds of procurement professionals participate annually in QP Group’s procurement education programs. We are the acknowledged global leader in our advanced ‘Best in Class’ procurement education.

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Depending on your needs we tailor one of our solutions to meet your procurement or supply chain requirements, help unlock added value and deliver significant bottom line improvement.

Underpinning all of our above offerings is our proven world-class 5 stage sourcing process. Using our five stage process, QP Group has worked with businesses across many sectors and countries to introduce the Sourcing Management Process using cross functional teams and engaging stakeholders to ensure savings flow through to the bottom line.

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