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Financial and Other Services

Financial and Other Services

QP Group has worked extensively in the banking and insurance sector over our history bringing procurement transformation programs, training and category management to a number of organizations which realized they need to act to improve their procurement functions. The imperative for such programs has been either a merger, acquisition or a need to improve the bottom line.

Many companies in this industry are looking to e-Procurement solutions to best use the current enabling technologies to get greater efficiency, visibility and control. QP Group, working with our alliance partners is well equipped to provide support in achieving this, from system selection through to process design and implementation, with the added skill of managing the organizational change implications. With its financial services clients QP Group has created and delivered a bespoke purchasing program which has addressed the issues of each organization.

We have also worked with many other Service industries over this time including Telecom, Retail and Distribution companies. These engagements have ranged from full transformation and organization design to savings programs and staffing support and have included such blue-chip companies such as Nike, Cable & Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Lennar and others.

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